Paul Ladkin Garden Consultancy

Bronze Package (from £35)

My Bronze Package includes 1-4 hours of consultation at £35 per hour.

These consultations can be completed online, using photographs, dimensions of your garden, and information provided, but may involve a visit or two, depending on what it is you would like help with (please note: visits may include additional travel costs). 


What might be included in the Bronze Package?

My Bronze Package basically includes any consultation that takes 1-4 hours to complete. This might include:

Tailored Reports About Your Garden

Maintenance Programs

Month-By-Month Garden Maintenance Plan

Help With Plant Identification and/or Purchases

Quotations for Hard / Soft Landscaping

Design Advice for Hard / Soft Landscaping

Tips for Setting Up a Gardening Business


If you’re unsure about whether your gardening needs are covered in the Bronze Package, how much your consultation will cost, or you have any other queries at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! Email me anytime and I’ll get back in touch within 2 working days.


Below is an example of a Bronze Package Consultation from start to finish, to give you an idea of the services I provide.


Initial Contact

All consultations begin with initial contact via email or phone, which is completely free. I only accept a consultation when I know exactly what a customer is looking for and I know I’m the right man for the job.

As an example, here is an email that I may receive:

Dear Paul,

I have recently moved into my first house in Bristol. Neither I or my husband are gardeners, but are both happy to learn. It seems a nice garden, but it is overgrown (especially the grass). Would it be possible for you to identify the plants for us, and give us any advice about looking after it?

I have attached some photographs. The dimensions are 8m x 11m.






Consultation Acceptance

Upon further discussion via email and confirming that I was able to work from the photographs and information provided, we agreed that a detailed report, containing plant identification, maintenance tips and general advice, would suffice.

The report would take 2 hours to complete thoroughly, so Megan’s consultation fee was £70. A PDF copy of the final report was sent via email. Her consultation also included any follow-up queries or concerns that could be quickly answered. 

Payment was made in full before I started work.



The Outcome

From Megan’s extensive photographs, accurate dimensions and detailed information, I was able to put together a simple, clear diagram of the garden alongside the report.

The report identified all of the plants shown (numbered) in the diagram. It also provided some information and maintenance advice for each plant, including if/when they flowered, if/when they required pruning, and any other relevant advice.

It was important for Megan and her husband that they do as much gardening themselves as possible, so the report also featured general maintenance advice, which included advice for which gardening tools were best and how much they should cost, what additional plants could be added, and also how much a gardener might cost if required.


Megan’s consultation was completed online. As no home visits were required, I only charged for the time it took to write the reports. If Megan had requested a face-to-face consultation at her home in Bristol, I would have charged a further £140 to include 3 hours of travel expenses and a meeting lasting 1 hour, as I am based in Southampton.


This is just an example of a consultation that is covered in my Bronze Package. If you’re unsure about how much your consultation might cost, or would like to book a consultation, please get in touch!

(023) 8058 3065


Think your consultation may not be covered in the Bronze Package? Click to find out more about my Silver Package or Gold Package consultations.