Paul Ladkin Garden Consultancy

Silver Package (from £140)

My Silver Package includes 4+ hours of consultation at £35 per hour, which covers more time-consuming garden projects.

These consultations can be completed online, using photographs, dimensions of your garden, and relevant information provided, but are also likely to involve home visits, depending on what it is you would like help with (please note: visits may include additional travel costs). 


What might be included in the Silver Package?

My Silver Package basically includes any consultation that takes 4+ hours to complete. This might include:

Extensive Garden Design Advice for Hard / Soft Landscaping

Verification and Advice for Existing Garden Designs and Quotes

Tailored Reports About Your Garden and/or Maintenance Programs

Plant Selection and Purchase at Garden Centres and Nurseries (or Wholesalers)

Home Visits


If you’re unsure about whether your gardening needs are covered in the Silver Package, how much your consultation will cost, or you have any other queries at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! Email me anytime and I’ll get back in touch within 2 working days.


Below is an example of a Silver Package Consultation from start to finish, to give you an idea of the services I provide.


Initial Contact

All consultations begin with initial contact via email or phone, which is completely free. I only accept a consultation when I know exactly what a customer is looking for and I know I’m the right man for the job.

As an example, here is an email that I may receive:

Dear Paul,

My wife and I live in London. We have had three quotes for some landscaping work at our property, but are not sure which quote to go for. Could you advise?





Consultation Acceptance

Before accepting the consultation, I needed to be sent any design plans, quotations, photographs, drawings, work schedules and quantities that each potential contractor had submitted. On receipt of these, I asked Simon a number of questions that helped me understand exactly what he was looking for and decide whether to take the job on.

Upon further discussion via email and confirming that I was able to work from the information provided, we agreed that I could be of use in the process. The work I intended to do would involve £70 worth of preparatory work, £140 of travelling to the site and a 1 hour meeting, and 1 hour of report writing at £35 (a total cost of £245).

Payment was made in full before I started work.



The Outcome

Simon’s consultation took 7 hours to complete, and included any follow-up queries or concerns that could be quickly answered.

The preparatory work, involving thorough research and verification of all aspects of the contractors’ quotes, took 2 hours.

The home visit to Simon’s home in London took four hours, including travelling time and a 1 hour meeting. The meeting involved surveying the garden, confirming the information provided, and discussing Simon’s garden needs in detail.

The final report included my independent advice and recommendations for which contractor might best suit Simon’s garden needs. 



This is just an example of a consultation that is covered in my Silver Package. If you’re unsure about how much your own consultation might cost, or would like to book a consultation, please get in touch!

(023) 8058 3065


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